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3 month consulting programme

Book the volume and quality of weddings your venue deserves!

You’ve got an utterly unique wedding location, but you’re not getting enough weddings through.

Are you:
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Disappointed by the quality of the wedding business your team are working exceptionally hard to deliver?
Struggling to fill peak dates and seem to be endlessly discounting?
Aware you’ve slipped behind and not kept up with modern wedding trends & expectations, and want to put your venue back in its rightful place?
Keen to fire-up your team and re-energise them with a massive confidence boost?
throw open the doors
When you recognise that change is needed and open the doors to let in new possibility, magical things happen – just like they have for my other venue clients.

They were once lacking confidence in their product, unsure of how to attract the right quality bookings by embracing new techniques whilst still holding their values and heritage strong, and stuck in a treadmill of unfulfilling bookings.
expert focus
With dedicated time and guided expertise to focus, open up and examine current ways of working, it’s amazing how new and improved ideas come to the fore leaving you and your team bursting with energy, confidence and practical know-how.

People notice the bounce in the step of each of the team members of my client venues; professionals proud of their wedding offering combined with the huge financial successes that 20 new weddings annually has brought.

Kelly has brought immense clarity to our vision for taking our wedding business to a new level, with a clear, easy-to-understand step by step strategy. With her calm, reassuring manner, amazing organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail, Kelly inspires confidence and is helping us achieve things we simply couldn’t have done without her.

I am so thrilled with the Wedding Inspiration day results – 6 confirmations and 13 provisional bookings across the two sites – a triumph. Thank you so much for masterminding the whole thing so seamlessly’

Sara Sweetland
Managing Director, Rothschild Waddesdon Limited

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time to refine & shine

I work in a bespoke way with you and your team to achieve YOUR best results. Together we’ll focus on increasing your bottom line by booking higher-end, quality weddings at your venue.

With fresh, expert eyes carefully highlighting and working with your unique venue features, refining in detail what you already do well, updating you on modern techniques and business strategies that are a good fit for you so that you can attract ideal couples.

Let’s look at new ways of putting your best foot forward to make your venue shine brightly in its rightful place. I’ll be there to guide you and hold you accountable as you implement and start to see results.

about Kelly

Kelly Chandler has been at the vanguard of the wedding industry since 2003, and has grown her award-winning independent wedding planning business, The Bespoke Wedding Company, to become one of the UK’s most respected independent wedding and event planning companies. Kelly Chandler Consulting has developed organically from the demands of wedding venues regularly seeking Kelly’s sound business strategy, marketing and operations advice to improve their wedding offering.

Kelly is a well-regarded innovator, mentor, trainer and industry spokesperson on and in the wedding business, an ambassador for industry body, The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, as well as a Judge for The Wedding Industry Awards. She’s passionate about helping special places and spaces achieve greater commercial success and happier customers through a range of services from one to one consulting, training, marketing events and more.

Our team delivered the same number of weddings this completed financial year compared to last but with a 20% increase in revenue, meaning that we're booking the quality of weddings that we desire, by applying Kelly’s strategy and vision in all that we do.

Claire Holland
Wedding & Events Manager, Waddesdon Manor

would you like to see if we’re a match?

Do get in touch to schedule an initial conversation via Skype or Phone Call (enquiries@kellychandlerconsulting.co.uk) where I can learn more about where you’re at and where you’re aiming to get to with your wedding venue.

time for change

The adage goes ‘if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got’ or more likely less. You’ll receive a bigger workload, less rewards, unhappy team members, poor staff retention and likely a dwindling wedding reputation.

You and your special location deserve much better than that.

The wedding market is an incredibly fast-paced one yet a very worthwhile industry to be a leading light in. I can help you set new inspiring standards that you’re proud to spearhead.

Do call 01483 282 858 to have an initial conversation about my ‘Refine & Shine’ 3-month programme, and how it can help you and your team increase revenue by booking more weddings of the right calibre.

Refine and Shine Service - 3 month programme
What you’ll gain:
Empower your team
with confidence in their step, your team will take positive action in all of their communications
Valuable connections
we’ll open doors for you to fresh business opportunity in the wedding world

A clear strategy
a do-able & exciting action-plan with fresh tried and tested ideas to elevate your venue’s offering

How it works:

Refine & Shine - 3 month programme
Before booking:
An initial Skype ‘Get to Know’ session to understand your background, short and long term aims and what you’re looking to get from the service.

Upon booking:
The “Lets Dive In” face to face session – a very thorough review of your wedding financial targets, your unique venue challenges, your in-detail goals and objectives, meeting the team and much more. This is a usually a 4-5 hour in-person session and the more you open up to me and let me into your wedding business, the more I can help.

Sessions are bespoke but generally include a:
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Review of venue facilities & operational layout with advice on any suggested adjustments/additions to ensure relevance to the modern bridal market.
Review of existing wedding materials and detailed feedback by way of a report on improvements
• to include website, electronic and/or printed brochure, initial enquiry presentation and follow up contact, social media presence.
Relevant introductions to specialists to further develop if and where needed
Review of client sales journey process from enquiry to sign up including showround process to analyse its effectiveness, with suggestions for improvement.
Review of marketing strategy/promotional budget spending and suggested revisions.
Review of wedding packaging, pricing and presentation.
Review of your recommended supplier list and advice on matching to your offering, introductions to fresh, spot-on suppliers to help drive business.
Meaty report -
The follow- up report (delivered approximately 2 weeks after the “Let’s Dive In” session) is an extension of our conversation, the result of our findings from the session and our follow up consideration and goes into much detail upon our recommendations for best serving the modern market and making your venue shine brightly.
Follow up/Check-Up service -
to check how progress is going, hold you accountable, assist with any challenges and refine next priorities.
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After 1 month - 1 hour Skype/phone session review
After 2 months - 1 hour Skype/phone session review
After 3 months - 2-hour Skype/phone session review - you should be implementing some really positive changes here which we review at our final Skype session– looking at all materials, marketing plans and activity as well as setting next steps for your exciting wedding business growth.
An added bonus
Clients booking this service are offered one complimentary place for a member of the team on a group ‘Evening Wedding Venue Workshop’ held in London, to meet other venues and other wedding industry colleagues in a friendly collaborative environment as well as benefit from 2 hours face to face training on the workings of the wedding industry.
£3000 (plus travel expenses from my Surrey-base)

Before we started working with Kelly, our wedding business was successful but somewhat "stuck in a rut". We were achieving but not over achieving and needed to look to the future and how we could shape our wedding business for the changing marketplace.

While we worked with Kelly, she helped us to look beyond our current audience, look in detail at our marketing and to think outside the box. Through making revisions to our marquee, online presence and valuable introductions to industry contacts, media, bloggers and wedding planners we have seen an increase in enquiries and a much improved conversion rate.

As a result of our work with Kelly, our weddings business is now set for the future, more attractive to potential clients and we have already an increase of around 20% on our confirmed bookings.

Kelly is a pleasure to work with, she is down to earth, honest and has amazing ideas and proposals that don't cost the earth but make a significant difference to a venue.

Nicki Thomas
Head of Events, Chiswick House & Gardens Trust

Regular clients of mine have reported an uplift of 20 bookings per year over the past 2 years I’ve consulted for them on key marketing projects , the investment paying for itself time and time again therefore!

Let’s talk about how you can obtain the same sort of impressive results –
click here to line up a call.

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If you’d like to find out more about my Refine and Shine programme, get in touch via the contact options below…
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I really don't know how you manage time after time to pull off such an amazing showcase event - Sunday's event definitely had the absolute 'wow' factor! And heaven knows how you get so many quality couples through the doors each time, over 200 brides in attendance is just unheard of in the Home Counties, so whatever you're doing is working wonders. And I know from meeting suppliers and wedding coordinators at other venues, that your Inspiration Event is regularly talked about, dare I say that I often sense a little bit of envy!

Since Sunday I've taken two wedding bookings, and I'm sure many more will come in during the next few months.

Mark Sisley